This is where all of our robots can be found (competition and offseason).

Centerstage Robot V1

For League 1 and League 2 of Centerstage (2023-24), we created a 2 stage robot. We can score two mosaics, reach the first setline, and score a total of 12 pixels on the backdrop! Many local teams were very impressed with our robot!

Centerstage Robot V0

This is a basic Centerstage robot that can both score pixels on the backdrop and backstage. Our new members 3-D printed a sloped object that allows the robot to easily go under the stage door.

PowerPlay Robot V2

We built an entirely new robot for states of PowerPlay (FTC 2022-23). With two stages working simultaneously, we could score cones onto all 4 junction levels even more quickly and efficiently. We were even able to get a 1+5 during autonomous!

PowerPlay Robot V1

For Interleagues of PowerPlay (FTC 2022-23), we built a robot that used a human-like arm with a wrist that flipped over to score cones onto the poles. During the game, we were able to score 14 cones onto the nearest high pole and complete a full circuit. As a result, many local teams were inspired by our design.

Summer Freight Frenzy Robot

We built this new Freight Frenzy (FTC 2021-22) robot based of our previous year's Freight Frenzy robot. We transferred it from Rev to Gobilda and made other improvements. This robot was designed to score cubes and balls. It has a surgical tube spinning intake, turret, linear slides for extension, and an arm to help move up and down while scoring. 

Carnival Robot

We built this carnival robot to the rings from Ultimate Goal (FTC 2020-21). It was designed with a tank drive to make it easy for kids to drive. At our market events, we let kids drive it and had a lot of fun! (See our impact page to learn more about our events.)