Many businesses and companies have gone the extra mile to make our season easier. Check out the many robotics teams that helped us here.

Never Forgotten, Always Remembered:

GH Labs

GH Labs is our biggest sponsor which is why they are at the highest level. We are really grateful for their help and appreciative of how much they have sponsored us!


HP sponsored us financially and allowed us to use their 2d and 3d printing capabilities. In addition to that, all of our banners, posters, and nylon 3d prints are from HP. 


Columbia Okura helps us by sponsoring our robotics team. They also showed us their giant pallet-stacking robots, which were really cool.

Protech Composites provides carbon fiber parts for our robot and even gave us a tour to see how they manufacture and process carbon fiber for their customers. 

IQ Credit Union sponsored us this year, helping to provide us with funds to for our robot parts and outreach events! We're really grateful to them for their help!

Not Forgotten:

Kumon Vancouver-North donated to our team and let us set up a snack station in their facility. In return,  we took pictures and produced videos for their website and social media.

DZ And Machine Works

DZ Machine Works used an abrasive water jet to precisely cut out aluminum drive plates for us.

DEKA Foundation

The DEKA foundation sponsored the Rookie Grant that we received to help us during the 2022-23 season.


PTC offered us grants for the 2022-23 and 2022-24 seasons and gave us access to OnShape and Creo (their CAD programs). 


Adidas provided us laser cutting services for our early prototyping out of their maker lab.

OnPoint Credit Union

OnPoint Credit Union donated money to our team.

Never Overlooked:

Kindred Homestead Supply gives us free spots at their flea market, where we hold fundraisers and demo our robots.

goBILDA sponsors us with discounted robot parts and a discounted stafer chassis.

Dr. Joe Lubisich, DDS

Dr. Lubisich donated money to us!

Dr. Martin Matovich, DDS

Dr. Matovich donated money to us!

Sponsor Levels: 

$200 "Never Overlooked": 

- Team acknowledgement

- Name on website

$500 "Not Forgotten": 

- Logo on t-shirt*

- Name on website (with link)

- Previous perks

$1000 "Remembered": 

- Name & Logo on website (with link)

- May appear in social media posts

- Name or small logo on robot

- Previous perks

$2500 "Never Forgotten, Always Remembered": 

- Logo on robot

- Some social media posts

- Top of sponsor lists

- Previous perks 

*For the t-shirts, once we print our t-shirts some sponsors might not be added until the next time that we print t-shirts.