Here are some of the teams and organizations that we wanted to thank for their contributions. 

Applied Motion Systems is a new partner for the 2024-25 season! We're really grateful to them for giving us a tour of their facilities and showing us how they use motion control to solve problems in the real world. 

Signs & More helps us by providing corrugated plastic board to help us prototype and build out robots. 

Mean Machine

FRC #24718

Mean machine generously cut out our carbon fiber side plates for use for free.

Robo Eclipse

FTC #11138

Robo Eclipse sponsored us by helping us purchase robot parts and offering to provide technical support. We even scrimmaged with them on multiple different occasions!

High Definition donated us some Rev parts, even including an expansion hub which we are really grateful for!

Technototes donated some of their old parts that they didn't want anymore, so that we could conserve on money for our parts on our robot. 

FTC 14343 Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity loaned us a control hub to help us get started building our robots. They are also our cousin team!

Swerve Robotics Club

Swerve Robotics helped us by selling us a discounted VEX field so that we didn't have to buy a new field. 

Clovernauts is the club that we were originally part of. They have teams from the elementary school, middle school and high school levels.  They loaned us an expansion hub and other materials to get our new team started.  If you're interested in robotics and don't have a school team to join, check out 4H Clovernauts here.

We want to thank Mirkwood Games and Gifts for their encouragement and donations at the Downtown Vancouver Flea Market. 

We want to thank the Greater Vancouver Chamber for hosting us at their kids lemonade day this year!

We want to thank Lemonade Day Greater Vancouver for hosting us this year!