I.F. Robotics #21336

Robots. Competition. Impact.

First and foremost we are a robotics team, so we build and program robots. With much of the talent that went into getting 5971 Brainbots 4th place at Washington State Championships, we are aiming to make a really good robot. To improve upon that robot, over the offseason we made a new version of the robot with more capabilities. This season, we are hopping to make a really amazing robot. Click here to see more of our previous robots.

We are a competitive robotics team. Our goal is to do well and do everything to help us get there. We always invite people to come watch our competitions. Click here to see updates about our upcoming competitions and how we did.

It's really important for us to give back and help others in our community. Previous projects have included demonstrating our robot at events, holding our own robotics classes, and arranging tours with local technology companies. Click here to see what we've been up to recently.