I.F. Robotics is recruiting!!!

In the 2 years of our existence, I.F. Robotics has proven ourselves to be a top tier team, one of the best in Washington State!  You can see our official track record here.

Who would be a good fit?

We're looking for students grades 9-12 who are self-starters and motivated to learn:

Potential focus areas for new students include: Engineering/CAD, build and manufacturing, software and programming, game strategy, graphic design, video editing, marketing, social media, & more.

We understand that the competitive pressure and time commitment aren't for everyone. If so, check out our local 4-H team or contact us at for help finding a team that suits you. 

Why Join? 

Fill out our team interest form here:

Feel free to contact us at for more information or details on our team or how to join.